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duct system cleaning in Loveland, Fort Collins & Windsor, CO

Have You Scheduled Air Duct Cleaning Recently?

We'll clean and sanitize your entire duct system in Loveland, Fort Collins & Windsor, CO

If your duct system is clogged or dirty, you're putting your family or tenants at risk. A clean duct system can keep your family members or employees healthy. Air Waves Heating & Air Conditioning offers air duct cleaning services to remove dirt and debris from your airways. We can work in any residential or commercial property in Loveland, Fort Collins & Windsor, CO and surrounding areas.

We use a high-tech Rotobrush system to clean ventilation and ducts. This brush scrubs the ducts and vents effectively, while the machine and hose suck up all the dust and debris. When your ducts are clean, you'll feel confident you have good indoor air quality.

We charge a flat rate for our air duct cleaning services based on the size of your property. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

Signs it's time for new ductwork installation

Your ductwork plays a vital role in heating and cooling your property, but you don't see it on a daily basis. This sometimes makes it hard to remember that ductwork needs maintenance, too. Our team can replace the ductwork in your home or office building. Once we've finished our work, you can breathe easy knowing your ductwork is in great shape.

If you notice that ...

  • Your interior is very dusty
  • Your space smells like mildew
  • The temperature in your property is inconsistent
  • Your HVAC unit is noisy's time to schedule a ductwork installation appointment. Our team will handle your ductwork installation with care. Call 970-669-7900 now to speak with a team member about your heating and cooling needs.

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